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BERwatch - Commission of Enquiry BER Berlin - Pirate Party Faction

Django Public Project/BERwatch.

Open Source CMS for making big publicly funded projects more transparent (Website|GitHub).

Used by the Pirate Party Factions in parliaments of Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia for enquiry commissions around the Berlin airport construction (BERwatch) and real estate management and public spending (BLBwatch).
Active Python Django
Farmsubsidy.org - Transparenz bei EU-Agrarsubventionen


Project and web platform on the transparency of EU farmsubsidy payments run by journalismfund.eu and OKF Germany.

Restructuring the scraping infrastructure (GitHub), data analysis and integration of the yearly payments data from official EU public bodies, technical documentation.
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Holger Drewes

About me.

Hi, my name is Holger Drewes, I am a software developer working and living in Berlin and Potsdam in Germany. On this page you can find a selection of my projects. You can have a look at my GitHub profile to see what I am currently working on.

In the context of a company I founded with a friend I am also running a search engine for German media and TV shows called mediathekensuche.de.
Screenshot - Open Data Showroom

Open Data Showroom.

German/english showroom website with selected open data projects and applications from different areas like transport, economy or politics.

Often used for introductions to the topic, e.g. in presentations and publications.
Screenshot - Django Dynamic Scraper - Admin Forms

Django Dynamic Scraper.

Production-ready and well-documented open source library for the extraction of data from websites on top of Python/Django and the web scraping framework Scrapy.

Applications: Creation of specialized search engines, open data projects, news aggregators,... Source code on GitHub.
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Screenshot - Nxt Cryptocurrency Web Client

Nxt Cryptocurrency > Client.

Substantial source code reorganization, translation management, development of an HTML/Javascript plugin system and the UI for phased transaction feature for the Nxt cryptocurrency browser client.

Nxt is one of the leading second-gen cryptocurrency projects building upon the inventions of the bitcoin protocol, current market valuation can be seen here.
Stalled Javascript Crowdin Blockchain
Screenshot - Open Data Tools

OD Tools/django-website-showroom.

Website collecting information sources and open data tools to explore, publish and share public datasets.

The associated custom CMS library - also powering the Open Data Showroom website - can be found on GitHub and can be used for other-purpose website showroom websites.
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Screenshot - Mediathekensuche API

Mediathekensuche API.

API for near-realtime querying of german media TV show data developed for the mediathekensuche.de website, app and third-party customers.

The API is versioned, well-documented and runs on a scalable and redundant Amazon AWS infrastructure.
Screenshot - Coalition agreement 2013 - CDU/SPD - linkable version

Koalitionsvertrag 2013.

Machine-readable and annotationable version of the coalition agreement (german) of the current government coalition in Germany (CDU/SPD).

In contrast to the classic PDF version content parts can be directly linked, e.g. agreements on road charge ("Maut"), wireless LAN infrastructure, etc.. Source Code on GitHub.
Finished Machine-Readable Markdown/RST